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Run MS strollerWhat is the course?
5 kilometers. USATF Sanctioned at Yeatman’s Cove.
See the course map (subject to change).

Is it timed?
Yes, chip timed

What are the age requirements?
There is no minimum or maximum for runners or volunteers. All children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Are there awards?
Yes - Top Overall male and female. Top 3 male and female in each age division.  Awards will be given at the awards table near the stage on the Kroger Promenade immediately following the race.

Is there an entry fee?
Yes -
$25 Pre-Registration (no shirt)
$40 Pre-Registration + technical shirt
$35 Registration day of (no shirt)

We also encourage our participants and volunteers to fundraise to support our vision to create a world free of MS.

What happens after I register?
You will receive a confirmation by email. All other materials are available on the Fundraising page.

What if it rains?
Run MS will take place rain or shine unless there is a safety concern. If we need to cancel Run MS due to severe weather and concern for the safety of runners and volunteers, you will be notified via 700WLW radio in Cincinnati.

Where do I park?
Parking lots are located on either side of East Pete Rose Way.  Parking is also available at Sawyer Point, and just north of Sawyer Point on Eggleston Avenue.

Are food, water and restrooms provided?
Food and drinks are provided, but we encourage runners to bring a bottle of water and a small snack. Accessible restrooms are located at all rest stops as well as at the start/finish line.

Run MS runners
What if I'm hurt, tired, or can’t finish?
Run MS has accessible support vehicles and first aid stations along the route. If necessary, a support vehicle can pick you up and take you to the finish line.
Run MS VolunteerHow can I or someone I know sign up to volunteer at Run MS?
Volunteers make Run MS run smoothly and are the reason everyone can enjoy a wonderful event. Volunteering is a fulfilling experience that also provides a great opportunity to make new friends, have a positive impact and help others. Recruit your friends, family and coworkers to volunteer and enjoy all that Run MS has to offer. 

Register as a volunteer for Run MS.           

Is my information secure?
The National MS Society website and its provider have made every effort to protect your information. We use industry standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure your credit card information, password and personal information travel securely over the Internet. We have also installed an encryption engine on our database server so that your data is securely stored.
How is my credit card information handled?
Credit card information is not stored in our database. During the donation process, we send your credit card information to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. The information passed back is an approval or denial for the credit card donation.

What is my username and password?
When you register online, you must create a username and password to continue with the registration process.  Each person has a unique username and password.

What if I forget my username and password?
Remember that your username and password are case sensitive.  If you still have problems, please contact us at for help.
How do I change my username and/or password?
First, log in to the site using your current username and password.  Once logged in, you will see a link at the top of the page called “Click here to edit your account.”  Once in your account, you will be able to change your contact information, email address, password and username.  You may also contact us to change your password.  Please send an email request to, and we will be glad to assist you.

Run MS arms
What is My Participant Center?
My Participant Center is available to each registered participant and is unique to that participant. You can access your Participant Center by logging in with your username and password near the top of the screen or anywhere you see a text link for “log in.” Your Participant Center has all sorts of great features to help you with fundraising for Run MS.

Upload your address book to send emails to friends and family asking them to make an online donation, view your Personal Page or join Run MS themselves.  Also, update your Personal Page by adding a new picture, text or by changing the color and layout. Show others that you're committed to a world free of multiple sclerosis by sharing your story.

You can check your fundraising progress by clicking on "My Progress," or you can send thank-you emails to those who have sponsored you online by clicking on "Follow-Up’s."  Enter offline gifts in the Follow-Up’s section and then mail in the checks so they can be confirmed.  Your fundraising goal can be updated at any time in My Account.

Why can’t I access My Participant Center?
To access your Participant Center, you must first log in to the Run MS website. Logged in users will see a link directly to their Participant Center on the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the My Account link, click on the event for which you're registered and begin using Your Participant Center.

What is a Personal Page?
A Personal Page is an online promotional tool for your use when asking your friends and family to join your team or sponsor you by making a donation. Once you are registered for an event online, by default, you will have a Personal Page created for you. You have the option of personalizing this page through My Account. You will be able to customize images, text and the style/color layout of the page.

How do I get to my Personal Page?
Your Personal Page is viewable through your Participant Center.  Unless you have marked this page as private, it will be viewable to everyone who visits the Run MS website.You can email potential sponsors through your Participant Center, which will give them a link to your Personal Page, or anyone can click on the "Donate/ePledge" link on the left menu, choose "Search for a participant" and then search for your Personal Page.

By default I have a Personal Page. Do I have to change it?
Once you sign up for an event online, by default, you will have a Personal Page created for you. While you do not have to change it, a compelling personal page attracts and engages supporters. You can spread the word using customized email solicitations and your personal campaign page can be your own creative expression of your commitment to the cause. Customize your page by selecting the layout and style that works best for you. Utilize the elements of text, photos and status indicators to their fullest advantage.

Run MS girlsHow do I change my personal fundraising goal?
First, log in to your Participant Center. On the right side of your Participant Center home page, toward the bottom, is the option to "update your fundraising goal." Enter your new personal goal and submit the changes.

How can I see who has donated to me?
Log in to your Participant Center and click the My Progress tab. This will allow you to view your donor list and the amounts that have been donated.

What is the difference between making my Personal Page private or public?
By default, a personal page is public, meaning your name will appear in the participant search list, and anyone accessing the site will be able to support you. Setting your Personal Page to private means your name will not appear in the participant search list, and only people you personally invite will be able to support you.

How do I make my Personal Page private and unaccessible to the public?
First, log in to your Participant Center. On the right side of your Participant Center home page, toward the bottom, is the option to "make my donation form private."
Is there a minimum fundraising requirement to participate?
There is no fundraising minimum to participate in Run MS, however, we encourage you to join the movement to create a world free of multiple sclerosis.

Where does the money go?
Money raised for Run MS goes to fund programs and services for people living with MS as well as critical research, which is every day leading us closer to a world free of MS.

Who donates to me?
ANYONE can donate to you.  Participants can donate themselves or ask coworkers, friends, neighbors, local businesses and family members for donations.  Many companies support their employees.  Be sure to ask your employer if they offer a matching gift program.  

To whom do I make checks payable?
Make checks payable to the National MS Society.

What if a donor wrote a check out to the team name or my name?
If they wrote their check to your team name, just write “NMSS” above the team name.  If it is made out to you, please endorse the check payable to the National MS Society.

What if I want to split a donation between more than one runner?
To reduce the amount of staff time spent processing these donations, we request that you follow our split gift guidelines.

How do I donate to someone online?
To donate to someone online, click here.  You will be able to search for your runner’s or volunteer’s name and the appropriate link will redirect you to their Personal Page, where you can click on the link which says “Support Me."

Are donations to the National MS Society through Run MS tax deductible?
Yes. 100% of your donation made to the Society through Run MS is tax deductible.

People have asked me for a receipt.  What should I do?
Each pre-registered runner will receive a booklet of receipts in the mail along with other fundraising materials. You can also download receipts from the Fundraising Resources links. Anyone who donates more than $100 will automatically receive a letter from the Ohio Valley Chapter that can also be used as a receipt for income tax purposes.

Run MS LadiesHow do I turn in my donations?

Option 1: Mail in your donations:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Attn: Run MS
4440 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 120
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Please be sure to include:
The name of the runner(s)
The runner’s team affiliation (if applicable)
A notation indicating that the participant is running in Run MS
The Run MS event location (e.g., Northern Kentucky)

Option 2: Turn in your donations on the day of Run MS. Bring your donations with you in your pledge envelope. Turn it in at Runner Check-in.

Option 3: Don’t forget online fundraising is faster and easier! Have your supporters donate online with a credit card on our secure website.
What if I don’t want to mail my donations?
Donations can be dropped off at the National MS Society office located at 4440 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 120, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (office hours are Monday Friday, 8:30a.m. 4:30 p.m.)

I have money that I collected for my team and myself.  What do I do?
All dollars and fundraising amounts are calculated and entered on an individual basis.  This helps determine prize levels.  When you send in your total donations, please be sure to indicate how much money should be credited to each runner.

I have collected donations, but I am unable to participate in Run MS.
You can still turn in donations and be eligible for all the prizes as if you were participating in the event.  Simply mail your donations to the National MS Society, and you will receive information after the event about how to claim prizes.

How can I get more donation sheets?
You can download pledge sheets from the Fundraising link or you can contact the office at, (513) 769-4400 or 1-800-344-4867.

What if my company wants to match my donations?
To take part in the matching gifts program, please visit your Human Resource Department or your Matching Gifts Coordinator and ask for a matching gift form.  Then turn your form in with your donations or mail it to the National MS Society office.  Please include the corresponding runner’s name so the match can be applied correctly.  If you have any questions, please contact the chapter office, (513) 769-4400 or 1-800-344-4867.

What is an offline gift?
An offline gift is any donation that was not made directly to My Account by credit card.  This donation is in the form of check, cash or money order. 

How do I enter in checks I've received from my donors as offline gifts?
You can record checks you receive and watch your fundraising thermometer rise by recording these donations through your Participant Center.  Access your My Account, click on Follow-Ups and then Enter Gifts Received Offline.  Enter the amounts and information then simply mail those checks to the National MS Society. You will be able to view when we've received and confirmed your checks in the Follow-Ups section of your Participant Center.
Run MS ladies 2

How do I form a team?

All you need is at least four people, a team name and a Team Captain. To form a team, register online, select your event site and then click on “Create a New Team.”  For more information, contact the Chapter office by calling (513) 769-4400 or 1-800-344-4867.

How do I join/register on a team?
To join an already established team, register online, select your event site, click “Join a Team” and then search for the team name.  If you are unsure of the team name, simply click the Search for a Team button with the search field blank.  Then look down the list for your Team Captain's name or your team name.  If you have additional questions about whether your Team Captain has registered, The Chapter office by calling (513) 769-4400 or 1-800-344-4867.

How can I see who is on my team?
From your Participant Center click on the My Team icon. This will allow you to view your team roster and the amounts raised by each team member.

How do I create a message to send to my team?
From your Participant Center, click on the Email icon.  Select the Message for Team Members link in the Suggested Messages box.  This will allow you to make all necessary changes to your team message and send it to team members.

How do I change my team name or team goal?
Only the Team Captain has the ability to change the team name or team fundraising goal. The Team Captain will need to login to his/her Participant Center and click the My Team icon on the top right. On the Team Summary portion of the page, Team Captains will have the ability to update the team name and fundraising goal.

Run MS sneaker


Live Events

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